• Mixed Bile Acids


Description Mixed Bile Acids (MBA) is a mixture of crude bile acids and bile pigments. It typically contains >90% bile acids.

NZP developed this product specifically for aqua feed and agricultural applications. Its main uses is as a feed supplement in the prawn/shrimp, fish and poultry industries. MBA is free-flowing and is easily incorporated into feeds.
CAS Number 81-25-4 (CA); 83-44-3 (DA)

C24H40O5 (CA); C24H40O4 (DA)

Molecular Weight 408.57 (CA); 392.57 (DA)
Use of Chemical MBA is widely used in prawn feeds as a source of sterols which are an essential nutritional requirement.

Prawns require steroids which they convert into a moulting hormone, to allow the rapid passage through the different larval growth phases. Steroids must be present in their diet for them to reach normal size.

Information from nutritionists suggests that MBA is best included in prawn feeds at levels between 0.1% and 0.2%. This is considerably lower than cholesterol, which is also used as a steroid source but needs to be included at concentrations up to 0.5%.

Bile acids are also known to increase fat utilisation and have been used in both fish (Yellow Tail) and animal (poultry) feeds for this purpose.
Appearance Cream, light tan or tan coloured powder
Solubility Sparingly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, glacial acetic acid and some organic solvents.
Standard Packsize 20 kg

Mixed Bile Acids

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